Dioramas by Guillaume Lachapelle Suggest Infinite Space using Light and Mirrors

guillaume lachapelle sculpture
The Cell, 2013

Canadian artist Guillaume Lachapelle explores the concept of infinite, evoking a sense of mystery and almost fear, with his series of miniature sculptures that have interiors that seem to expand without limit. Titled Visions, the series is composed of several 3D-printed dioramas employing light and mirrors to suggest boundless spaces.

Remember the novel House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski? In the novel, the Navidson family discovers a dark hallway that seems to continually expand. As the explorers venture deeper into the hallway, they become increasingly aware of their inability to comprehend or stay sane in a boundless space. Although Lachapelle’s dioramas are small and have finite measurements, their interiors appear to hide unknown amounts of space. Even in such small spaces, we can touch upon the surface of the concept of infinity.

“Lachapelle’s miniatures act as a threshold between what is seen and not seen,” writes L. Sasha Gora in her summary of Visions on Art Mûr.

The artist’s sculptures inspire intrigue, and perhaps fear of the unknown. They beg the question, “What is hiding further in?”

Guillaume Lachapelle is a sculpture artist residing in Canada. His series Visions was on display at the art gallery Art Mûr in 2014.

(via Colossal)

infinite parking lot
Nuit étoilée, 2012

office space mystery
Dernier étage, 2014

empty train car frightening
Metro, 2013

optical illusion diorama
Détour, 2014; and Awaiting Knowledge, 2013

secretive path
Vie secrète, 2014

design with mirrors
Rêve collectif, 2014