Sweets Diagrams by Song Sweet Song

Bunny parfait and apple carving by songsweetsong
Bunny parfait and apple carving diagram (via Song Sweet Song).

In this combination of food and design, a Thailand-based interior designer creates fun diagrams of recipe how-tos. The materials, procedure, and assembly are illustrated using Copic markers, while an iPhone depicts the final product.

Bunny sugar cookie by songsweetsong
Bunny sugar cookie diagram (via Song Sweet Song).

The designer and foodie, who goes by Song, “loves baking and sharing tutorials” (Song Sweet Song). Song’s food creations are shared via social media, including Facebook and Instagram. Leaning on the side of cute food design, posts include edible versions of animal characters, Disney characters, and more.

According to her posts, Song draws diagrams to plan recipes based on the materials in her refrigerator. Although overly meticulous for a snack plan at home, the product is a detailed and eye-catching collection of illustrations.

Dougnut pop by songsweetsong
Dougnut pop diagram (via Song Sweet Song).

Honey toast and bunny ice cream by songsweetsong
Honey toast and bunny ice cream diagram (via Song Sweet Song).

Disney-Pokémon Crossovers by Krista Nicholson

Fun Disney-Pokémon crossovers pair an iconic Disney character with a Nintendo Pocket Monster. The artist, Krista Nicholson, is a Florida-based graphics artist at Entertainment Apparel. Adobe Flash CS5 was used to draw the vectors, while textures were added in Photoshop.

Crossovers include Simba and Shinx, Peter Pan and Scraggy, and Vanellope von Schweetz with Jigglypuff.

Below: Ariel and Magikarp, Tiana and Politoad, Belle and Usaring.

Below: Merida and Teddiursa, the Cheshire Cat and Gengar, Stitch and Pikachu.

Johnny Depp Tea Party by memorypalace

Everyone in the States has heard of Johnny Depp, yes? The 49-year-old actor has been in over 40 movies, such as the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Alice in Wonderland, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, among others.

deviantArt’s memorypalace illustrated this piece, called “The Depp Hatter’s Tea Party,” in 2010. I had stumbled upon it before and only remembered it recently. It is worth sharing because it’s fun, reminiscent of great movies from the past, and in my opinion, the artist did a great job.

The illustration shows six of Johnny Depp’s movie characters. From left to right, Jack Sparrow, Ed Wood, Sweeney Todd, the Mad Hatter, Willy Wonka, and Edward Scissorhands. Can you find the four visible Jack Skellington faces?

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