Dove’s Ad Makeover Puts Women in Control of Advertising

“Imagine a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety.”

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty began in September 2004. Since then, the campaign has continued working to replace the narrow definition of “beauty” with a more realistic one.

Earlier this year, Dove started their newest part of the campaign, the Ad Makeover. Women write positive advertisement copy and submit. These advertisements then appear on the sidebar at the right side of Facebook pages.

Aside from the positive messages this brings to women, so what? Dove is putting women, their consumers, in control of both the advertising content they see and Dove’s advertising dollars. Dove, most likely, is also paying extra to ensure that their ads show up.

Dove’s digital advertising campaign is just another reason why the digital world is fascinating. Evolution here is rapid and is allowing planners to work creatively and think outside the box.