My personal portfolio of DIY projects and graphic design. Some projects were left undocumented (oopsie) and will never make it into this page.

DIY Butterfly Wall Installation

Inspired by Mademoiselle Maurice’s beautiful origami installations, I wanted to add happiness and whimsy to my drab college dorm room in Fall 2012. Installed in October of that year, this project was a culmination of hours of folding colorful paper, paper cuts, and too many glue dots.

I’m happy to know that my little butterfly project put smiles on the faces of everyone who visited that year.

diy rainbow wall decor

origami butterflies

Graphic design samples

I created two versions of an informational flyer for a school fair as the Public Relations Chair of my university’s Asian Student Union. My goals were to convey friendliness and make the flyers bold in order to catch and keep the attention of incoming freshman students. We printed the cards on postcard-sized cardstock to make the flyers stand out from the dozens of others that the students received that day.

christine chong graphic design

gangnam style flyer