Infographic: The Facebook Nation

With over 640 million users since February 2004, 100 million of which registered in its first nine months, Facebook is the world’s leading social network. Take a look into the border-less and growing Facebook nation. This infographic visualizes the population’s demographics, where they live, and pages and brands they like.

Infographic: Gangnam Style “The 5 Basic Steps”

If you haven’t heard of the viral song “Gangnam Style” by South Korean musician PSY, then you’ve been living in the dark. Since its release July 15, the music video has topped charts and generated countless parodies. As of November 24, it became the most viewed video on YouTube. Today, December 5, viewership has reached 888,351,265 and will continue to grow.

Don’t know the dance yet? You should be ashamed. Fear not, however, because this infographic will tell you all you need.

Words of wisdom: dress classy and dance cheesy.

Infographic: How to Zombie-Proof Your House

Halloween will be here in little more than a week and with that comes the very real (I joke, I joke) possibility of a zombie invasion. Luckily for you, there’s an infographic that tells you exactly how to zombie-proof your house.

It’s a little late to put in some features, such as the 3/4″ steel plates and 15-foot trench, but you still have time put in security cameras and ready your fire extinguishers. Maybe you can build that boxing glove bazooka, too. My personal favorite is the robotic sheep. If in the case zombies have gotten past all your barriers and have you on visual (or whatever senses they use), you can send out that sheep to distract them while you flee into your zombie-proof car.