Colorful Architecture around the World: Part II

Colorful architecture around the world

Old properties or buildings are made anew by forward-thinking architectures and engineers. Now, bridges are the second installment of the Colorful Architecture around the World series.

Bridges stand alone as isolated structures in the air. Often looming over expanses of water, they link two different lands physically and symbolically. Many of them, such as the Golden Gate Bridge or the Sydney Harbour Bridge, are architectural feats and well-known symbols of their cities. Bridges do not have to amaze through sheer size, however; they can also entertain the eye through beauty, grace, and creativity.

Xiying Rainbow Bridge in Penghu, Taiwan

Colorful architecture around the world

Neon lights reflect off of rippling water in Penghu, Taiwan, home of the Xiying Rainbow Bridge. Lights are attached to the side of the pedestrian bridge that, at night, illuminate the water below with a rainbow spectrum. Users, visitors, and faraway passersby are sure to be enchanted with a design that interacts and extends itself to nature.

Colorful architecture around the world

Slinky Springs to Fame Bridge in Oberhausen, Germany

Colorful architecture around the world

The American slinky toy is the inspiration of the Slinky Springs to Fame Bridge in Oberhausen, Germany. The pedestrian bridge, by Tobias Rehberger, was designed for the EMSCHERKUNST.2010. It arches over the Rhine-Herne Canal to connect two parks on either side.

Four hundred and six meters long, the footpath is made of alternating colored squares. From afar, it looks like a colored ribbon enclosed in a massive, winding spiral. The bridge is an easy, beautiful travel for pedestrians or bikers with a low-angle incline. Although already eye-catching in the day, the walkway and rails are illuminated at night to become a giant, lit ribbon at night.

Colorful architecture around the world

Colorful architecture around the world

(via DesignDaily, EMSCHERKUNST.2013, UrbanPeek)

Cool Globes Boston 2013

Cool Globes: Green Manufacturing

It looks as if giant globes have taken over Boston these past several weeks. From the Esplanade, to Logan Airport, and to other traveled areas all around Boston stand 48 globes decorated to address the matter of climate change.

The public art project “Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet” has come to Boston after originating in Chicago and moving around the country and the world. Artists decorate these globes in different, creative ways with ideas to combat environmental problems. A couple globes are also reserved for decoration by local organizations. The goal is social awareness to the environmental issues of our time and that there is hope for the future.

Founder of the initiative Wendy Abrams states the project came out of the idea of “public art with a purpose.” By forcing people to confront climate change with something fun, the project has been accepted by thousands and grown to a global scale.

Cool Globes: Unity and Strength

Cool Globes: Conserve Water

Cool Globes in Boston

According to The Boston Globe, the exhibit is around until the 15th of October, so make sure to catch as many as possible before they’re gone!

Pokémon Tank Tops by Activate Apparel

Pokémon tank tops from Activate Apparel

For motivation at the gym or outdoors, Activate Apparel sells athletic clothing incorporating motivational words and contemporary culture. Matching its geeky and humorous branding, the Etsy shop sells a series of Pokémon tank tops with different slogans. The slogans, such as “Workin’ My Puff into Tuff” and “Always Saur” are sure to appeal to any Pokémon fan.

Aside from Pokémon, Activate Apparel sells activewear referencing cultural icons such as the Harry Potter series and Disney characters.

Snorlax tank by Activate Apparel

Workin' My Cute into Brute tank by Activate Apparel

Magikarp and Gyrados tank by Activate Apparel

Get Chiseled tank by Activate Apparel

Domo-Themed Treats by Fans

Domo-themed treats

Domo, or domo-kun (どーも くん), is a Japanese character that often appears on television sketches. Hatched from an egg, this cute monster looks frightening at first glance but is described as having a “gentle soul with a body of pure fluff” (Domo Nation).

Domo has captured hearts across the world and is making appearances in pop culture and in households. Foodies have featured this Japanese mascot in their desserts, ranging from Domo cookies to Domo cake pops, and more. Below are just a few of the numerous homemade Domo-themed treats made by fans (some include recipes).

Domo heart cookies from alanabread
Heart-shaped Domo cookies (via alanabread).

Christmas-themed Domo cookies from Diamonds for Dessert
Christmas-themed Domo cookies (via Diamonds for Dessert).

Domo cookies from Pikko's House
Domo cookies (via Pikko’s House).

Domo TKOs from Diamonds for Dessert
Domo TKOs from Diamonds for Dessert
Domo TKOs (via Diamonds for Dessert).

Domo cake from doughseedough
Domo cake (via doughseedough).

Domo cake from made with love
Domo cake (via made with love).

Domo cake pops via Cake Central
Domo cake pops (via Cake Central).

Graffiti on the Bondi Sea Wall

Surfer and Nemo art on the Bondi Sea Wall

With a mural of graffiti on one side and beach on the other, a walk down Sydney’s Bondi Beach is one of culture and unforgettable views. The beach, just east of Sydney, is a popular tourist destination. From one side to the other, it features a long walkway with boutiques, restaurants, lifeguard houses, and the Bondi Pavilion in sight.

The walkway along the beach also houses a mural of spray paint art on the beach’s sea wall. Since the 1950s, spray paint sanctioned by the Waverley Council of New South Wales has been a regular sight.

Now, the Council takes applications for graffiti artists to paint the wall based on individual merit, diversity, and other factors. Over the years, the wall has featured individual and community projects alike. It has depicted surfers, animals, music scenes, and more relating to Bondi’s culture. Each mural is maintained for a minimum of six months before another artist is invited with the exception of two murals: the ANZAC commemorative mural and Bali bombing mural in memory of the Bondi local Chloe.

The walkway is used by both beachgoers and those wanting a scenic route along the beach alike. Visitors have seen the wall change over time and will continue to see it doing so for years to come.

Bondi Beach fish aerosol art

Graffiti of various scenes on the Bondi Sea Wall

Bondi Sea Wall Bali Memorial