4th of July Ideas Supporting Small Businesses

local independence day ideas

Shower thought: Every year, we celebrate Independence Day with fireworks and gaudy décor. How much of the party supplies we buy, however, are even made in the US?

One of my favorite Independence Day pastimes is spending the evening at a barbecue with close friends and sipping on an ice-cold, fruity beverage, as neighbors in the distance shoot fireworks into the sky.

The red, white, and blue palette is an obvious choice for such a patriotic holiday, but do we undermine patriotism by buying Independence Day-themed top hats and table linens that aren’t produced right at home? The color palette isn’t reserved for only Americans to use, of course, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be more mindful of where we source our goods from.

The debate might be better saved for another day, but you can still celebrate the hard work of American producers by shopping at your local farmers market. Instead of going for the gaudy décor at a big chain store, which probably won’t be produced in the US, shop local. You can create Independence Day-themed snacks and pick out a few decorations from producers just a drive away.

1. Bake and sip with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries to feed the need for red, white, and blue.

Farmers markets are ripe with summer berries in July. Depending on climate, some ingredients might not be available. No worries. Substitute away.

4th of july drink
(Real Fruit Spritzer via Apron Strings Blog).

4th of july vegan ideas
(Festive Raspberry & Blueberry Tart via Blissful Basil).

rustic 4th of july
(Berry Cake via i heart eating).

2. Decorate with red, white, and blue produced right in the US. Better yet, make it a do-it-yourself project.

independence day candles
(American Flag Mason Jar Candles via Sweet Sarahlynn’s).

You might not be able to pick up 4th of July-themed candles from a craftsperson near you, but look no further than Etsy for producers just a few states away.

independence day flower delivery
(Flowers via Helen Olivia Flowers).

Support small businesses by calling your local florist for your own personalized centerpiece. Although they might not have the inventory, you can always ask if they carry US-grown flowers.

How will you celebrate Independence Day mindfully? Answer in the comments!

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